Dai Laughing Productions Raise £2,633 for Charity

Dai Laughing

Dai Laughing Productions are a group of people based in and around Abergavenny who write and perform Murder Mystery Events to raise funds for good causes.

Normally, the organisation for whom the funds are being raised, organise the venue and sell the tickets themselves. Dai Laughing just write and rehearse the show and go along and perform. Some eighteen months ago Dai Laughing got together with the members of Abergavenny Theatre Group and Keith Davies (Abergavenny Elvis, another charity performer) and decided to put on their own charity fund raising event, something never attempted before, a Musical Murder Mystery, with the aim of raising as much money as they could which would then be donated to a local cause or charity. Chron

The date was set for Saturday 5th September and the show was to be performed in the Borough Theatre, Abergavenny. The show called “Who killed the King” and was written and directed by Don Balkwill, a writer and performer in murder mystery events for over 20 years. The story revolved around six tribute acts all of whom had reason to bump off the seventh headline tribute act “Elvis”. The murderer hoped that the dirty deed would look like an accident and so would get away with it.

Unfortunately an ex-policeman, who just happened to be there, took control and decided to carry out, with the help of the audience, an investigation. The suspects, the tribute acts, all had motives to commit the dirty deed but eventually the guilty party was revealed. The evening was a rip-roaring success with over 200 people in the audience and the feedback was fantastic. Including donations from Round Table, Rotary, CEF and Vision Computers, and after expenses were deducted £2,633 was raised.

CharityOn Thursday 3rd December a presentation was held in the St Mary’s Priory Centre and £1974.93 was donated to Nevill Hall Intensive and Critical Care Unit, received by Senior Nurse Manager Sally Copner and £658.32 was donated to St Mary’s Holywell Community, received by Father Mark Soady. Also in the picture are members of the Holywell Community and some of the cast members from the show John Geraghty, Mari-Anne Gibson, Keith Davies, Richard Griffiths and Don Balkwill.



Dai Laughing Productions is a Non-profit Organisation