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A spell in province

A Spell In Provence – Marie Laval          I finished reading A Spell in Provence late last night. An atmospheric and page-turning read, set on an idyllic estate in Provence, where all is not what it seems. A hidden spring and an ancient fountain bind the estates of Bellefontaine and that of the Duc de Coste, linking the “ladies of Bellefontaine” with the duc throughout the ages. I loved the sense of history in this novel, and the descriptions of the region. The ancient history and the strong hint of the supernatural added to the Gothic suspense which builds on every page. I couldn't guess at all how it would be resolved, and kept turning pages until the nail-biting end. A suspenseful and unusual read, with a strong sense of atmosphere.                    The Town Halloween Forgot – K.A. Hambley Purchase this and I promise you will not be disappointed. This is a great story that delivers everything you want from a book. The author weaves a wonderful tale that fully draws you into the world where you really want to find out what happens next. An ideal book for reading on those dark chilly winter nights that will also add to the reading experience given the story is high on atmosphere. The story is so well constructed and well written that I even found myself getting more spooked as I read further on in to the point you really feel chills as the story unfolds. And along the way, whilst reading, you find yourself thinking there is great potential here for the material to be turned into a great movie. A truly excellent must have book for anyone's collection.                    No More Secrets – Tricia Maw     Charlotte Pascoe returns from Holland expecting to work with her father, Matt, in the family boatyard, only to discover that the business is ailing and he wants to sell the site to Raphael da Silva, a property developer. In spite of her antagonism towards Raphael, Charlotte is attracted to him and agrees to work for him. She soon discovers that there are secrets in his past life which he is reluctant to talk about. He takes her to Portugal to meet his family and asks her to marry him. But she learns that his motives are not entirely honourable. Is she making a mistake by saying yes? This is an engaging book that flows well. It is a real page turner and will appeal to readers of romantic fiction.

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