BOOK- Sunshine Through The Rain

Ellen is a city girl and has her own busy life in Edinburgh, so when her sister Jess asks her to come and babysit three children and several acres of land complete with a selection of farm animals for a long weekend, Ellen thinks she might be out of her depth. Her sister has already booked the weekend away though and so Ellen finds herself agreeing to don her wellies and get down with the cows.

What she hadn’t envisaged was her much loved sister and her sister’s husband being killed in a traffic accident whilst away, leaving her with three distraught children and a farm she has no idea how to run. The tiles start to fall off the roof, the animals give birth and the nosy neighbours come out to judge her. Ellen finds a helping hand in the local vet Kit but she can’t rely on him forever. Can she persuade the kids to uproot and move with her to the City? And what about her boyfriend whose previous nearest tussle with mud was probably only wrestling on the TV?

I loved this book. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. Ellen is an absolute marvel with the way she copes but there is a sweet and realistic vulnerability to her too which is touching not sickly. There is a nosy neighbour who makes life as difficult as possible for Ellen and if this was a pantomime I would have shouted ‘Boo!’ whenever she had a scene! Gilly Stewart portrays the emotional turmoil the children go through with empathy and uses a touch a humour to not let things get too depressing along the way. The headstrong Angus, the oldest of the children at twelve, is determined to be the man of the house but, with extra problems of his own, finds the death of his parents to be almost the last straw. Ellen tries everything she can to reach him but things come to a head and the consequences almost blow the family away.

This is a story of love, trust, compassion and bright futures – beautifully written and a joy to read.            Words – A Woman's Wisdom Book Blog

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