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Dracula is coming


Borough Theatre Abergavenny 28th, 29th and 30th of January 2016. The Abergavenny Theatre Group The dark nights of winter will become a little darker…

Brecon Town Concert Band


Brecon Town Concert Band is a community based wind band that was formed in 1967. The current band comprises about 60 musicians of all age ranges and abilities…

Green Man Festival


A four day event with three days of music and more than 100 acts playing indie, psychedelia, Americana, and folk across 5 stages, while…



Story by Cadno Arian June 2015 Starting in the early 1950’s from the first steer able parachutes, paragliding in its modern incarnation began in…

A Town in Focus


by Nick and Wendy Horler We decided to move to Blaenavon and start our new venture Artie Craftie after visiting the town and enjoying…