DIY- Take the IKEA test

No, don't worry too much. We're not about to sling a load of flat pack furniture on the floor, set fire to the instructions, saw off the useful end of an Alan Key, and then say “Five minutes, please.”

In fact, we couldn't imagine anything worse. Nevertheless, our intention is actually something even more challenging. Sure, we all love to try our hand at DIY. And that time you managed to successfully make a shelter for storing the wood your stove so desperately needs was a genuine moment to be proud of. Yet there are other moments in life when simple is best. Namely those wherein you realise time is very much of the essence.

As such Sweden's most famous international export- ABBA aside- can come in very useful indeed, and has plenty of surprises up its sleeve. As such we’ve put together the following questions about IKEA, some of which are true, others false. Now prepare to be amazed (and not in the least bit bored)…

1. In the UK, IKEA gives out enough paper tape measures to customers to stretch from Croydon, London, to Brooklyn, New York City.

2. IKEA is actually an acronym for Interiors Knives Excellent furnishings And the rest.

3.Seoul, the South Korean capital, is home to the world's largest IKEA store, which spans a staggering 59,000 square metres. Don't worry, though, it's easy to navigate when you follow the trademark arrows on the floor.

4. IKEA was founded in 1909.

5. 1% of the planet's annual commercial wood supply is used by IKEA. 1%. By one business. Now that is impressive.

6. Scandinavia is sponsored by IKEA.

7. IKEA Is believed to be the first major brand in the world to depict a homosexual relationship in one of its adverts.

8. The only reason IKEA came to Britain was because former Prime Minister John Major discovered the store on a trip to Oslo and wound up shipping his entire new living room's furnishings over after the trip.

9. Over the years, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplyn, Curtis Stigers, the cast from TOWIE, Mary J. Blige and Dizzee Rascal have all been spotted by paparazzi coming out of an IKEA, ladened with huge blue bags full of homewares.

Answers: – True / 2- False / 3- True / 4-False / 5- True / 6-False / 7- True / 8- False / 9- False


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