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We humans are obsessed with our bodies. Which makes perfect sense, considering that without our health we have absolutely nothing.

There’s a problem, though. From fad diets to scaremongering headlines, often what we’re told about healthy living differs from the god’s honest truth. One look at the ever-changing medical advice surrounding red wine is proof enough that sometimes it’s wise to disbelieve everything you read. Not that we’re trying to advocate stopping reading this particular page of facts, corrections and clarifications.

From sit ups to the value of sweat in terms of weight loss, here are some common myths that you probably (definitely) should stop listening to….

The cause of acne

Many people believe that acne is caused by not washing properly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, acne results from hormones impacting on the sebaceous glands. It can be increased by stress, and more commonly affects teenagers due to the hormone issue.

A breast lump usually means cancer

Not at all. Statistics show that some 80% of all breast lumps are actually benign, or non-cancerous. The root causes of these benign lumps can range from nipple discharge to the build up of calcium salt deposits in the breast tissue, hormonal changes to cysts.

Press ups will help you lose weight

Think again. Whilst press ups are great exercise for one specific section of your abs, they won’t help you achieve that perfect flat stomach. Instead, try focusing on your overall core and see what difference it makes.

Gluten-free must be healthy

Gluten is often seen as the scourge of modern society- seemingly omnipresent in what we eat (or most of it), yet akin to putting a heap of rubbish in your system. It’s time to address this misconception. Gluten is obviously no good if you’re intolerant, but many people actually need it to maintain a healthy body (albeit in small quantities). Make sure you know where you stand.

The more you sweat the better (when exercising)

Some avid gym enthusiasts swear by the theory that the greater the level of perspiration, the greater the positive impact of your exercise will have on your body. FALSE… The amount we sweat is dictated by a number of factors, including hormones, hereditary tendencies, room temperature and clothing.

Overweight people usually have slower metabolisms

Again, this simply isn’t correct. Some studies have even suggested that overweight people actually have faster metabolisms because they need to burn more energy to keep their bodies on the move.

Diabetes can be brought on by eating too much sugar

The most complicated falsity on our list, diabetes itself cannot be triggered by consuming too much sugar. However, Type 2 diabetes can be linked to excess weight gain, and sugary foods could cause this, but then so could scoffing down too much meat, fat and other unhealthy produce.

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