How to Choose a New Sofa

Thinking of buying furniture for your home?

Some practical tips from Rachel Morgan, developed while working on the design and manufacture of sofas and chairs at Lyn Morgan Furnishings at Llanover.

So, you’re looking for comfort……practicality……durability… and quality!

Where do you start?? Don’t panic !!

A sofa is basically……an arm…..a back……and a leg……!!!

Firstly, try to see the furniture offered for sale in a setting rather like your home.  Be warned, an item in a large sales warehouse or on a computer screen may look totally out of place in your home.

Think about colours
Take samples of your carpets, curtains, wallpaper or even a favourite picture with you to help you choose a fabric that complements your present decoration.  A good supplier will let you take the pattern books home with you to make it easier to choose.  After all, the furniture will be living in your home, with your lighting, not the showrooms.  If you like to change your colour scheme often, then a neutral sofa can be the most cost-effective option, because by changing the scatter cushions, this will give it a whole new look.

Size does matter
Think about if you like support for your head, do you like to curl up, do you like to lie out?  All of these things need to be considered when making your choices.  Just because you have a small space available doesn’t mean that the sofa needs to be tiny.  By reducing the arms more seating space can be created without loosing space in your room. The easiest trick is to lay newspaper down on the floor where the piece of furniture is going to go.  By jiggling this about you will eventually come up with the size of sofa or chair that works in your space.  This should be the finished size that your sofa or chair needs to be.

Take a seat
Sit on the furniture as you would at home and get comfortable.  Don’t be rushed.   Your furniture will be lasting a long time.

If you have any issues with the access into the room, a house visit may be needed.  A good manufacturer will call to your home to assess this.  Even if the access is too narrow then the piece of furniture that you really want can be made in sections and assembled on-site with very little evidence of this being done.  They will also show you how to take it apart should you move home.