Just because the kids are away doesn’t mean they won’t ask for cash

Kids Travelling

The world is becoming increasingly smaller, and with those faraway destinations Brits could only dream of going to a few decades ago now well and truly on the tourist trail, you never know where you might need to send money.

From Asia to the Middle East, Africa to Australasia, every parent wants their children to see as much of the planet as possible. The only problem is, costs have a habit of adding up. There can be unforeseen expenses, and in the worst case scenarios, theft or loss. Not only are these stresses unwelcome, they can put people in unnecessary danger, from having to spend a few nights in a less desirable area, to hitching rides.

Thankfully, though, it has never been easier to transfer money to loved ones, wherever they are, when they need it the most. And, more often than not, the best services in this area of the financial sector don’t come from the big banks, with their transfer fees, low exchange rates and lack of flexibility. Instead, specialist international currency transfer agencies often make the job simple, and save you money in the process.

Currencies Direct, for example, is one of the most reputable agencies currently working in the field, and has several options open to those who need to send money abroad. There are no transfer fees, which is always a welcome bonus, no hidden charges and crystal-clear English used to describe and explain all products. That means not only is this a cheaper way to achieve what you want, there’s no risk of getting stung because you didn’t understand the small print on page 36 of the terms and conditions.

In addition, thanks to the swift way in which requests are dealt with, with most transactions being carried out instantly over the phone, concerns over changing monetary markets can be put aside. A vital factor to take into consideration when transferring money overseas is whether or not the exchange rate will change during the time it takes for the cash to reach the recipient. In contrast, Currencies Direct offer fixed rates that can be set for up to a year if you intend making regular payments and, if things are tight on the ground but you desperately need to send the cash, there’s even a “buy now, pay later” scheme that can help out when the unexpected happens. Whilst we never know what are kids are going to do next, with a logical solution to the problem, there’s no reason that unpredictability needs to catch you out.

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