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They were, at one point, intrinsic to Britain’s then-burgeoning rave scene, and since then have cemented their place in dance music history forever. But, as was proven on their most recent LP (not to mention those that came before it), there’s far more to Keith Flint, Liam Howlett and Maxim than can be pigeonholed so simply.

For those less familiar with the outfit in question, those names comprise The Prodigy, one of the biggest-selling musical troupes of the 1990s and one of the key instigators of a crossover moment in electronic tunes that saw the ‘underground’ (for want of a less cringeworthy term) emerge into the Top 40 charts, widening the appeal of such sounds for generations to come. Put more succinctly, it’s impossible to overstate the impact they had on what was being listened to back then, and now.

After all, you don’t sell 25million records worldwide and not find yourself in some kind of hall of fame or other. Times have certainly changed since the days of Firestarter and the notorious Smack My Bitch Up (a track made even more controversial thanks to one of the cleverest and most subversive music videos of all time). Over the years, The Prodigy have been linked to everything from punk to big beat (which, along with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and The Crystal Method, they are often cited as having invented), and their most recent album, released earlier this year ( The Day Is My Enemy ) seems to marry the lot in such an effective way as to have had pretty much every significant music critic on the planet heralding the LP as a modern classic.

Whether it matches the likes of Music For The Jilted Generation or The Fat of the Land , arguably the band’s two most influential records to date, is probably a matter of opinion. Nevertheless, the success of their return to the forefront of music-loving minds across the planet is undeniable. And with that in mind the smart money would be on them selling out a string of arena dates that are scheduled for the UK and Ireland this winter- hence us recommending getting a ticket now. And this is before we mention the small matter of their support act, Public Enemy, one of the key names in conscious political rap and hip hop. Quite the big sell, then, the full dates are below, with tickets on sale now.

The Prodigy – UK Arena Tour – November and December 2015

22/11   Aberdeen Exhibition &Conference Centre

23/11   Glasgow Hydro

24/11 – Nottingham Capital Arena, Nottingham

26/11 – Newcastle Arena, Newcastle

27/11 – Manchester Central, Manchester

28/11 – Sheffield Arena, Sheffield

30/11 – 3 Arena, Dublin

01/12 – Odyssey Arena, Belfast

03/12 – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

04/12 – Wembley Arena, London

05/12 – Wembley Arena, London

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