Solar Buddies

solar buddies

Solar Buddies are revolutionary child friendly sunscreen applicators designed by two mums from Cwmbran.

Kelli and Laura first had the idea of designing Solar Buddies when discussing the ‘No touch policies’ most schools now have in place.

This leaves children as young as four unable to protect themselves against the sun while playing at school.

They spent many hours brainstorming  and finally decided to design an applicator that is easy to use, child friendly and mess free.

During its two year development Kelli and Laura teamed up with Cardiff Metropolitan University and Cardiff’s Product Design department and created a product design now known as Solar Buddies.

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Solar Buddies are empty vessels equipped with with a sponge and roller ball mechanism that releases an even amount of sunscreen, mess free, thus allowing children to easily apply their own sunscreen.

Kelli and Laura work closely with the charity Melanoma UK who have supported the Solar Buddies project throughout.

Solar Buddies have created the Solar Buddies Awareness Workshop designed to educate young children on the effects of the sun.

The workshops are being held at local schools and If you would like your school like to take part in the Solar Buddies Awareness Workshop or purchase a Solar Buddie please visit our website.

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Or go to Facebook: /solarbuddieswales

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