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Christmas is usually a time for holiday cheer and celebration. But not everyone has a merry Christmas, with some people suffering their fair share of holiday mishaps, illnesses and injuries.

NHS A&E departments see around 80,000 patients over the festive season and, combined with higher numbers through the door in the build up to winter, patients are often faced with long waiting times well over the recommended four hours target waiting time.

So, what are the options if you want to avoid crowded NHS A&E departments?

Recently two private Urgent Care centres have been established in the UK to offer patients with non-life or limb threatening injuries or illness an alternative option.

St Josephs Urgentcare center

Similar to NHS minor injury departments, the centres offer walk in services where patients can see a senior doctor straight away and the good news is one of them is on our doorstep.

St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport has just launched its state-of-the-art UrgentCare Centre.

Open seven days a week all year round from 10am-8pm* the walk in service offers patients the chance to be seen, in most cases immediately or if that is not possible then within 30 minutes.

As a walk in patient you will have immediate access to the fully equipped hospital including pathology, diagnostic imaging, operating theatres, physiotherapy and pharmacy.  If required you can be admitted immediately to the hospital.

The UrgentCare Centre treats a wide range of traumatic injuries and illnesses for anyone over the age of six including fractures, sports injuries, minor burns and cuts, general ear, nose and throat conditions, respiratory and chest complaints, stomach, bowel and bladder problems and head injuries where there has been no loss of consciousness, vomiting, confusion or fitting.

The Centre is run by a skilled team of senior emergency doctors and nurses who will carry out a complete assessment of your injury or symptoms.

Once the initial consultation is complete the team will then arrange the most appropriate next step whether that be reassurance, treatment, GP follow up or urgent admission to the appropriate district hospital.

St Josephs

So with NHS hospitals expecting the worst winter on record it’s time to think about alternative options if you get injured or ill this winter.

The UrgentCare Centre at St Joseph’s Hospital is not equipped to deal with major trauma injuries, cardiac or obstetric emergencies and you should go direct to your nearest district general hospital A&E in these circumstances.

*The Centre is closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

St Joseph’s UrgentCare Centre – Call 01633 820265