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clytha arms
clytha arms

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Quick lunch at The Clytha Arms Pub & Restaurant

Or so we thought…

While driving between Usk and Abergavenny around lunch time we had the brilliant idea of a quick lunch at the Clytha Arms. This pub has always been a favourite of mine for a cold beer on a warm Sunday afternoon. I had a very nice lunch there a few years ago so easy decision.

We arrived and ordered some coffee which arrived promptly and we enjoyed it while reviewing the menus. There were a number of sandwiches available but none of the home cooked dishes I remembered from my last visit such as liver and onions. They do have a tapas menu but that’s a bit trendy for me in a country pub and it didn’t really excite us. You can choose from a starter and a main which I presume is from the evening menu. Not  wanting a heavy meal or interested in tapas we opted for a smoked salmon sandwich.

Don’t get me wrong, if I’m out in the country on a weekend I have all the time in the world but on a weekday with more appointments to attend to we would like to keep the lunch break to a period the boss finds acceptable. We waited 40 minutes for a sandwich and when they brought the food did not bother to ask if we wanted fresh drinks. If I was the owner I would always encourage my staff to upsell which puts more money in the till and it’s a good service if done correctly. If you’re hungry and in a rush the last thing you want to do is leave your food and get in line for a glass of mineral water. This makes me wonder when Welsh hospitality finally realizes that customer service is not hanging up a sign saying “order at the bar”!?

The food was nice, the bread delicious and I love the atmosphere in the pub but you can just sense some of the frustration with the really slow pace. Will we go again? Definitely, but probably on a weekend!

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