The Secret To Perfect Roast Spuds

horseshoe inn

Tips from Steve, The Horseshoe Inn, Mamhilad

It is firstly important to use a Maris piper potato, rather than a soft potato.

Par boil the potato’s and bring to the boiling temperature, then add a little salt to break down the outside.

Hold at the boiling temperature for no more than 5 minutes, or they will become too soft.

Whist boiling, place duck or goose fat into the roasting tray and into the oven to warm.

Strain off the water from the potato’s, and put into the hot fat. Potato must go into oil hot.

Based with the fat and in the oven 180 degrees centigrade

Add any additional seasoning and herbs at this point.

Base frequently until cooked approximately 1hr.  Allow for a bit longer on Christmas day as oven will be working over time with other items inside.


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